Friday, March 29, 2013

15 Months


It's been three months since an update on Missy Moo Hoo Lou as we sometimes call her around here. I was just saying today that it seems like she is older than the 15 months she has racked up. I think it's because Ava Grace's personality has increased tenfold.


This little girl is so full of life. She hugs her stuffed animals and family with such vigor. I love to see her lay her sweet little head on her rocking horse to give it a hug or pat us on the back. When we ask for a kiss, Miss Pris offers us her forehead.


 But with that strong sense of love and affection, comes a rather strong will. Gavin did not prepare us for temper tantrums. The flailing of the legs and arching of the back were something foreign to these two parents. I've created a new word- "outstubborn" because that is exactly what I am determined to do. That and pray for our red-headed spitfire. As Gavin has so incorrectly, but cutely said a time or two, "Ava's having a hussy fit!" Can't you just see the look of determination in this picture?

Ava currently loves books with sound and texture, playing outside, swinging, climbing anything, especially stairs (supervised of course), her rabbit Mia, sippy cups, most foods and being chased or chasing Gavin.


So far she utters: Mama, Dada, Gav, Gav (for Gavin), hi, hat, shake, ball, yes, moo and some form of Patti-cake.  At Ava's 15 month well baby check up she weighed 20 pounds and was 30 inches long, both categories in the 35th percentile.

We love you to the moon and back and more sweet girl!

Sunday, March 17, 2013