Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Do Lists

Just about daily, I hear, "So, what are we going to do today?" It comes from the sweetest three year old voice with a ten year old's sincerity. Since I was making a To Do list at lunch today, I decided to help Gavin pen everything we were going to do in his own words.

1. Play with toys
2. Get toys from cabinet
3. Finish reading our book (Lasso Lou and Cowboy McCoy)
4. Play Bullseye game
5. Go get Nee and Poppy
6. Take dancing horse out of box
7. Drink milk
8. Go get Me Me, Toni, and Grand daddy
9. Eat hot dog
10. Drink milk (that must have been important)
11. Like Mama (hopefully this is just inherent)
12. When I go to bed, say, "I love you to the moon and back and more, I love you and Night, night" to Mama, Daddy and Ava.
13. Find "this" (the stems to his fruit erasers)
14. Finish my letters
15. Get my rope (which is the tie for my robe)
16. Eat oranges and eat chips

I would say if we accomplish all of this, we will have a very happy and tired little boy or at least a tired Mama.

Monday, February 27, 2012

2 Months Old

Little girl, you turned 2 months old on Friday. We were a little rushed trying to leave for my birthday party, that I didn't get the pictures I was hoping for. This one came out ok, but I may try to retake some this week.

I happened to have scheduled yourtwo month appointment for that day so I know your actual measurements. At two months Ava, you:

Weigh 10 pounds 11 ounces and are in the 48 percentile. Wow! You gained 3 pounds and six ounces since your three week visit!

Are 23 and a half inches long putting you in the 89 percentile. The doctor said that wasn't even adjusted for coming two weeks early. Your granddaddy said he was going to get you a basketball for when you turn three months old. It's never too early to start smelling the leather and getting used to the texture. Your height must come from your great great grandparents down the line who also gave your uncles their height.

Your head size came in the 7 percentile but the doctor said not to worry that it has nothing to do with how smart you will be. I really wasn't worried to be honest.

You didn't like getting your shots but only cried for a few seconds. I was expecting you to be kind of cranky the rest of the day, but you were fine.

You happened to turn two months old on the same day your great grandmother turned 81. I hope you don't mind me posting that Nana but I think you are the most beautiful 81 year old I know.

Ava, it didn't take long for it to feel like you have always been part of our family. You are starting to give us more glimpses of your smile. I try to encourage you to give us more smiles because it is so sweet. Before we know it that smile will have a special resident- teeth! The doctor said your top teeth are already coming down.

You are wearing 0-3 months clothes except for sleepers which are three months. Your little feet are even getting to the end of those which we now know has to do with your exceptional length. Your shoulders are broad but your waist is skinny which makes it hard to fit you in some pants. That's ok, because your daddy and I both like you in dresses.

You are in size one diapers but I wonder if I already need to move you up a size since it's sometimes hard to get the diaper on with your rolly little legs. Those rolly little legs come from you keeping to your three hour eating schedule. However, you gave your mommy the best birthday present when you slept from 11:30-5:30 on Saturday night. You haven't done it since but the last two nights you slept from about midnight to 4:30. You're getting there sweety. You have even taken to sleeping in your cradle fairly well as long as you are swaddled.

Gavin still adores you. He wants to "pet" you and sit on whichever side mommy happens to be holding you. The other night he said he didn't want to spend the night at his grandparent's house because he needed to see Ava.

You respond well to your Daddy and I when we comfort you or when you try to follow us with your eyes. We love you so much little girl. In fact, we love you to the moon and back and more.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Long Old Friend

This Is It. I'm not referring to the Michael Jackson documentary, but rather, in the next few hours, I will be saying goodbye to my twenties. When my sister-in-law asked how I felt about embarking on this new decade of life, I wasn't sure what to say.

I mean my twenties were pretty swell. I married my love, graduated from college, had two careers, became a stay-at-home mom like I always dreamed, built and sold a house, and had two very precious babies. How am I going to top that? My twenties have been exciting, challenging and a time of major events in the scheme of life. There has also been moments of loss and sadness, but those are completely overshadowed by the good times. My twenties have been to me what a cozy blanket feels to my cold skin or a friend with whom I can be miles away from but their call or text makes my day.

I'm not sure just yet what to feel about being thirty. Maybe if I keep saying it, it will seem more real. Thirty. Thirty. Thirty. Nope, not doing the trick.

I hope there will be some change, because face it, who wants to stay stagnate. In fact, I just completely changed my hair to help usher in this new time. I also desire to grow in knowing who I am (yeah, it will have only taken me thirty years), and most of all, I am seeking deeper relationships with God, my family and for new friendships, because quite frankly, being a stay at home mom can be pretty lonely when it comes to adult contact.

But before I move on, I wanted to share a few things that have absolutely made my last days of being in my twenties.

  • Ava is really starting to smile more. The other night D and I had the best time taking pictures and acting silly getting some gummy smiles.
  • Gavin pulled my birthday card out from under the bed tonight and I had to quickly tell him to hide it until tomorrow. He was so excited that he could hardly wait to show me.
  • I did Zumba tonight for the first time since early in my pregnancy and it felt so good. Tomorrow, I will probably feel not so good.
  • My husband has been making secret plans for my birthday and being pretty sneaky about it. He has also planned a very fun murder mystery birthday party for this weekend. I have also decided from here on out to refer to said husband as Hunny instead of D. This is what I call him most of the time anyways.
  • When we pulled up to the motor bank today, Gavin said we were at the piggy bank.
  • I had a goal of putting on my pre-pregnancy jeans before my birthday and getting them buttoned. I achieved that goal but the results were not that pretty. I plan to keep going to Zumba to make them more tolerable.
  • My husband read me this Scripture this week: "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22. Not only did he read it to me, but he marked our wedding anniversary next to the verse in our Bible.

My dear friend Ashley sent me a birthday card that contained these precious words: "When I sit and think of all the many treasures I have on this earth with my husband, my child, etc. - I can only think that this earth is the worst it will ever get for me and for you, children of the King. And if this is bad, I can't imagine what Heaven with the Lord will look like."

Ashley put turning thirty into perspective for me. I have so much to look forward to. Yes, on this earth, but more-so for what lays ahead in Heaven.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

D and I decided to celebrate Valentines a little early this year. Come to think of it, we always try to celebrate on a day other than Valentines. Nothing says love like being able to walk right in to a restaurant without waiting in line. My parents graciously agreed (asked) to watch Gavin and Little Miss went with us. She was a great third wheel though. Very quiet as long as she was fed or in her car seat.

When we dropped off Gavin, I thought it would be fun to have mine and D's picture taken in front of my parents' fireplace like we used to do so many years back. Seeing as we have been together since I was a senior in high school, there are quite a few photos taken there.

This time, our photo included a few extra peeps. Gavin's expression cracks me up!

D and I both agreed that it was probably our favorite Valentines. I think it just barely beat out the time he hid in my closet at my parent's house my freshman year of college. He had arranged my room with flowers and candles and all sorts of sweet surprises with the best part being a large cross he painted for me. This Valentines was just as sweet, partly due to a much needed date and we got to partake in some of our old and now new favorite places.

However, my idea for a fun-filled, creative Valentine's Day this morning did not go exactly as planned. Ava is still wanting to eat every two hours during this growth spurt and last night she refused to go to sleep before 2 am and that was only because I rocked her in the chair until we both crashed. I was one tired mama this morning. However, I'm hoping this evening will be a little more celebratory.

Brother and sister did help me get into the holiday spirit when they poised (tried to stay propped) in their Valentinesey pajamas.

I thought it was funny how their hands are the same in the next picture.

Gavin told me I was his cutie pie this morning. My heart just about melted.

This past weekend we took some pictures of them dressed up for the grandparents. Hopefully they won't read this before they get those said pictures. If so, Nee Nee/Poppy and Me Me/Granddaddy, please act surprised.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Long Day

Today's cold and rainy weather coupled with little Miss Ava wanting to eat every two hours have made it a very good day to stay inside. She started reverting back to this two hour schedule yesterday, so it has made for an extremely tired Mama. I'm not sure how long this growth spurt is going to last. I just hope I outlast it. It's worth it to see her thriving though. And who doesn't love to look at a baby's double chin or chunky legs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On This Day

I told myself I would write more after that very drawn out Christmas post. I am giving myself five minutes to get jump-started on blogging. Read, set, go!
  • The kids are both napping. Yea! I just ask myself why I am not.
  • Sleeping baby equals a much happier and rested mama. Ava has had a really tough time getting to sleep at night. It's usually 1:30 a.m. before we both conk out in the recliner, but we have gone back to swaddling her and it seems to work better.
  • Gavin has been a champ. He can sleep through anything even sister's crying. On the other hand, his daddy has a slightly harder time. Hence, my resolve to sleeping in the recliner with smallest child. That and I'm too exhausted to get up sometimes.
  • Today has been a good day. Probably because of aforementioned sleep. I have started this weekly guide to getting the house cleaned and if it has done anything it is getting me more motivated. I realized the biggest tip was never leaving a room with empty hands. Our main issue is dropping something and it not getting put back where it goes.
  • So far today, the living room has been picked up, clothes folded and put away, dished loaded, unloaded and loaded again. Kitchen counters have been cleaned, stove scrubbed, and most of the clutter put away. I'm also in the middle of going through our never ending pile of mail. Gavin even cleaned up all of his toys before he took a nap.
  • We're trying to eat healthier around here. Although it seems like most of the healthy things I want to eat like lettuce and beans, the doctor says to back off from to ease Ava's gassy tummy. I do have almost a large container of vanilla yogurt that I am trying to find a use for tonight. I'm thinking something to do with the strawberries and blueberries I just got on sale.
  • Gavin is so eager to play with little sister. This morning he "read" us some books while this afternoon it was my time to read the books. That's about all of the play time they can do together right now, but they have managed to both get under Ava's play mat.

  • Ok, time is up but it felt good to get something written even if it was just a documentation of our day. In the future, I'm sure I'll look back and be grateful to have this sweet little time capsule written down.

Monday, February 6, 2012

37 Days Ago

I have had so many things I have wanted to write about, but my type A personality just won't let me until I finish my Christmas post. In fact, after this Christmas post, I want to get back to writing more often. SO many times, I limit myself because I want to include pictures (for ascetics and because the grandparents ask for them) but let's face it, it takes a LOT of time to download pictures, edit them (back to my type A personality) and load them. I really don't know how everyday bloggers do it. Maybe they are not as sleep deprived and they have fairy cleaning mothers to take care of the house. They are probably just much more efficient than me.

Anyways, on to the Christmas post. We finally got my side of the family together on New Years Day. Looking at my parent's house, you would think it was Christmas Day. Mom had everything decorated just right. The tree and stockings were beautiful plus there were Christmas cookies and the best tasting ham.

Seeing how Ava was still pretty jaundiced, we put in the sun as much as possible in my parent's wonderful bay window. And yes, I know that she wasn't getting much sun fully clothed in her carrier, but we didn't leave her that way.

Ava met her Aunt Brandy and Uncle Casey although Uncle Casey didn't get to hold her for a few more days due to a cold.

She also met her great grandparents for the first time that day.

And Gavin had a blast playing with his new toys. He even thought it would be fun to play with sister's toy.

Christmas. Check. New Years. Check. I only feel like I have 36 more days to catch up.