Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On This Day

I told myself I would write more after that very drawn out Christmas post. I am giving myself five minutes to get jump-started on blogging. Read, set, go!
  • The kids are both napping. Yea! I just ask myself why I am not.
  • Sleeping baby equals a much happier and rested mama. Ava has had a really tough time getting to sleep at night. It's usually 1:30 a.m. before we both conk out in the recliner, but we have gone back to swaddling her and it seems to work better.
  • Gavin has been a champ. He can sleep through anything even sister's crying. On the other hand, his daddy has a slightly harder time. Hence, my resolve to sleeping in the recliner with smallest child. That and I'm too exhausted to get up sometimes.
  • Today has been a good day. Probably because of aforementioned sleep. I have started this weekly guide to getting the house cleaned and if it has done anything it is getting me more motivated. I realized the biggest tip was never leaving a room with empty hands. Our main issue is dropping something and it not getting put back where it goes.
  • So far today, the living room has been picked up, clothes folded and put away, dished loaded, unloaded and loaded again. Kitchen counters have been cleaned, stove scrubbed, and most of the clutter put away. I'm also in the middle of going through our never ending pile of mail. Gavin even cleaned up all of his toys before he took a nap.
  • We're trying to eat healthier around here. Although it seems like most of the healthy things I want to eat like lettuce and beans, the doctor says to back off from to ease Ava's gassy tummy. I do have almost a large container of vanilla yogurt that I am trying to find a use for tonight. I'm thinking something to do with the strawberries and blueberries I just got on sale.
  • Gavin is so eager to play with little sister. This morning he "read" us some books while this afternoon it was my time to read the books. That's about all of the play time they can do together right now, but they have managed to both get under Ava's play mat.

  • Ok, time is up but it felt good to get something written even if it was just a documentation of our day. In the future, I'm sure I'll look back and be grateful to have this sweet little time capsule written down.

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