Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Long Old Friend

This Is It. I'm not referring to the Michael Jackson documentary, but rather, in the next few hours, I will be saying goodbye to my twenties. When my sister-in-law asked how I felt about embarking on this new decade of life, I wasn't sure what to say.

I mean my twenties were pretty swell. I married my love, graduated from college, had two careers, became a stay-at-home mom like I always dreamed, built and sold a house, and had two very precious babies. How am I going to top that? My twenties have been exciting, challenging and a time of major events in the scheme of life. There has also been moments of loss and sadness, but those are completely overshadowed by the good times. My twenties have been to me what a cozy blanket feels to my cold skin or a friend with whom I can be miles away from but their call or text makes my day.

I'm not sure just yet what to feel about being thirty. Maybe if I keep saying it, it will seem more real. Thirty. Thirty. Thirty. Nope, not doing the trick.

I hope there will be some change, because face it, who wants to stay stagnate. In fact, I just completely changed my hair to help usher in this new time. I also desire to grow in knowing who I am (yeah, it will have only taken me thirty years), and most of all, I am seeking deeper relationships with God, my family and for new friendships, because quite frankly, being a stay at home mom can be pretty lonely when it comes to adult contact.

But before I move on, I wanted to share a few things that have absolutely made my last days of being in my twenties.

  • Ava is really starting to smile more. The other night D and I had the best time taking pictures and acting silly getting some gummy smiles.
  • Gavin pulled my birthday card out from under the bed tonight and I had to quickly tell him to hide it until tomorrow. He was so excited that he could hardly wait to show me.
  • I did Zumba tonight for the first time since early in my pregnancy and it felt so good. Tomorrow, I will probably feel not so good.
  • My husband has been making secret plans for my birthday and being pretty sneaky about it. He has also planned a very fun murder mystery birthday party for this weekend. I have also decided from here on out to refer to said husband as Hunny instead of D. This is what I call him most of the time anyways.
  • When we pulled up to the motor bank today, Gavin said we were at the piggy bank.
  • I had a goal of putting on my pre-pregnancy jeans before my birthday and getting them buttoned. I achieved that goal but the results were not that pretty. I plan to keep going to Zumba to make them more tolerable.
  • My husband read me this Scripture this week: "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22. Not only did he read it to me, but he marked our wedding anniversary next to the verse in our Bible.

My dear friend Ashley sent me a birthday card that contained these precious words: "When I sit and think of all the many treasures I have on this earth with my husband, my child, etc. - I can only think that this earth is the worst it will ever get for me and for you, children of the King. And if this is bad, I can't imagine what Heaven with the Lord will look like."

Ashley put turning thirty into perspective for me. I have so much to look forward to. Yes, on this earth, but more-so for what lays ahead in Heaven.

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