Monday, January 31, 2011

Bucket List

While I haven't thought much about having a Bucket List, several of my friends mentioned them when ringing in the New Year. One thing that did instantly come to mind was seeing the Harlem Globetrotters. Glamorous I know. But ever since I was a tween and really into basketball, I thought this group of talented ball handlers was the bees knees (By the way, I know the meaning behind "bees knees" if you ever want to know.)

So, as an early birthday present, D took me to see them at the Toyota Center this weekend. It was just the thing to create a diversion from my sour mood in the previous blog post. I didn't know if the show would live up to my childhood expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did we see a pretty decent game of basketball, but it was entertaining as well. The four point shots were amazing!

We had a nice dinner beforehand at the Amazon Grill and dessert afterward at one of our favorite places, The Chocolate Bar. I highly recommend the Chicken BALT Pita salad and the chocolate truffle ice cream. Mmmmmmm.......

Thanks hunny for a great date night!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not My Own Understanding

What a week it has been! With little man down for the count all week and random unexpectedness going on, I was beginning to feel like I had reached the end of sanity. I thought several times, "How much more can I take?" Thankfully, I was reminded of the scripture that goes something like this, "Trust in the Lord will all your heart and lean not into my own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." Don't ask me where it's found, Proverbs I think. I have a pretty good bit of scripture memorized but have a hard time remembering where I found it. I digress.

The part that I kept coming back to and quite frankly was offering me a bit of solace in the situation was, "lean not into my own understanding." You see, I thought I was acknowledging God and trying really hard to trust, so it didn't make sense to me why things were not happening the way I thought they should be. After a very private cry fest (I'm a very public happy person, but as for other emotions, I tend to hold those very close to the heart.) and I good sleep, God again reminded me that His mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness. I'm glad because there were a few days last week that I was certainly glad to put a close to.

One last thing that I was reminded of while typing and thinking about the week's situations, was the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Too bad I can't choose what he gives and takes. It's probably better off that I don't. I am just going to have to keep on trusting.

Well, while I have a great deal to learn, I'm glad that God was faithful to bring His Word to my mind. It's been awhile since I have faithfully tried to learn new verses, but this year I am giving it a go to learn two a month with a group of women from the LPM blog. As much other randomness that I fill my brain with, I should be able to learn to two to four sentences in a months time, I hope.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Hat Day

Oh, how I love this boy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

S'more Ugly Sweaters Please

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday. Let me give you a few words to describe my friend: caring, sweet-natured, loving, hard working, hilarious, creative, loyal, fun, godly, thoughtful and so full of life. This is the kind of friend who will stick by you through thick and then. This person makes me laugh more than anyone else, knows how I am feeling by just looking at me and I am eternally grateful to God to be the person beginning and ending each day with him.

Unfortunately, our camera ate most of the pictures we took, so there's no pictures of the s'mores and hot chocolate buffets, but we thankfully have a group picture of the ugly sweater wearing participants. This group picture means so much to me because the whole family was there including mine and D's grandparents.

Happy Birthday hunny. I'm glad we got an extra day to celebrate. Thanks for making every day special. Gavin thinks you're pretty swell too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

So Far

Ten days into the new year and I haven't blogged yet. I'm actually okay with it. Our family is getting back into the daily routine and for once in a good long while, I'm not feeling rushed. Well, that was until I realized that I haven't done much to get ready for my hunny's birthday this weekend. Actually, I've done everything in my head, but I have yet to make much of it realized. This working mom needs some magical mice to come running out of the woodwork. I think I'll have to do with half a day Saturday.

However, the past ten days, I have enjoyed spontaneous hugs and kisses from my two-year old, uncontrollable laughing sessions during reading time; kindergarteners who have fallen right back into their routines, a husband who keeps me on my toes and hijacks my phone; hearing my little one count to ten, playing the disappearing arm game and feeling like I understood 90 percent of Inception.

Not too bad for ten day's time. I also have pictures piling up on my camera, but for now those will have to wait. I'm going to try to fulfill my commitment to something else I am striving to do this year. Last year, I wanted to read the Bible in a year. Let's just say I'm now on read the One Year Bible in two years plan. I'm actually okay with this too. As long as the Word is some part of my day.