Monday, January 10, 2011

So Far

Ten days into the new year and I haven't blogged yet. I'm actually okay with it. Our family is getting back into the daily routine and for once in a good long while, I'm not feeling rushed. Well, that was until I realized that I haven't done much to get ready for my hunny's birthday this weekend. Actually, I've done everything in my head, but I have yet to make much of it realized. This working mom needs some magical mice to come running out of the woodwork. I think I'll have to do with half a day Saturday.

However, the past ten days, I have enjoyed spontaneous hugs and kisses from my two-year old, uncontrollable laughing sessions during reading time; kindergarteners who have fallen right back into their routines, a husband who keeps me on my toes and hijacks my phone; hearing my little one count to ten, playing the disappearing arm game and feeling like I understood 90 percent of Inception.

Not too bad for ten day's time. I also have pictures piling up on my camera, but for now those will have to wait. I'm going to try to fulfill my commitment to something else I am striving to do this year. Last year, I wanted to read the Bible in a year. Let's just say I'm now on read the One Year Bible in two years plan. I'm actually okay with this too. As long as the Word is some part of my day.

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