Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

I'll keep this fairly short because I'm exhausted, but this past Easter weekend was very sweet getting to spend it with our church family plus both sides of our families. From singing about our risen Lord to seeing all of the kids play so sweetly together, we truly are blessed. I don't have pictures from my side of the family's festivities because I left my camera at home , but let's just say there was hardly a dull moment from water balloon fights to Easter eggs hidden on the end of a kite's string flying high in the air. Those eggs may or may not have contained a piece of ham or marshmallow peep.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost Three

Two months from today I will have a three year old. How did that happen??? Let me pause, while I grab the Kleenex and try to remember my little boy as this infant.

Okay, done. Since this time is racing by, there's a few things this mama wanted to write down before my almost three year old is an almost thirteen year old. Something I happened to catch on someone else's blog the other day was the idea of having a journal to document a child's milestones but since I forgot to get one and I know grandparents like to share in the memories, I'll keep to posting here for now.

I thought something was wrong with my card door locks when every time I went to get Gavin out of the car, his door was locked. I finally figured out that he was locking it with his foot.

Not only does he help with the car door, but he's becoming quite the backseat driver. The other day, he told me we were at a stop sign and then I needed to go. Not long after he told me to "go faster." Little does he know that Mommy has a lead foot and probably doesn't need to go faster.

D to Gavin: How old are you?
Gavin: Three
Me and D: Not yet!

Counting is a huge thing for him right now and when he counts, he holds his fingers tightly together.

Me: Who made Gavin?
Gavin: God
Me: Who made Mommy?
Gavin: God
Me: Who made Daddy?
Gavin: God
Me: Who made everything?
Gavin: Poppy

We've been praying with Gavin for quite some time now. Usually D prays, then I do and then we ask Gavin what he wants to pray for. He'll repeat after us, but lately when its my turn, Gavin starts repeating me so I just go with it. The other day, he got upset when I thought he said he wanted to pray for Nannie and Pawpaw, but instead it was for Nannie's bobo. And at times it sounds like we are praying for Old McDonald's Farm when he wants to pray for a neigh here and a neigh there.....

The pretend play has picked up tremendously. We spent much of our doctor's office wait time pretending to eat brown cookies and milk that by the way, came from his tiger named Brown.

I also love it that when he pretends to go somewhere, he has to give me two hugs and a kiss. When I tell him to be careful on his trip, I usually get the sweetest reply of, "ok."

Gavin's vocabulary has really picked up so I'm sure in the next few months there will be more stories to tell, but for now, here's a few phrases/words unique to him.

Giant Easter Egg Yard Decorations: Jelly Beans
Winnie the Pooh: Tiggerpooh
Tigger: Tiggerpooh
Thank You: Nan Nu, but it's starting to sound more like "thank you."
Tigers: Are called lions

We're hearing lots of "me do it" and "me help" which I hear is typical for this age of an almost three year old.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Call Him Squawkers

From every angle, these pictures make me smile....





And the smiles just got bigger....

Really deep stuff, I know.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Opening Weekend

Take me out to the ball game!

If the race Saturday wasn't enough excitement, D, Gavin and I were invited to the Astros opening weekend game by my parents. We have sat behind home plate once, but I think the seats behind the dugout are better because there is more player interaction and chances to catch a ball.

Gavin got his hat signed by Astros pitcher Figueroa.

However, he was more enthralled by Junction Jack. Although I think it's kind of a love/hate relationship.

He kept asking for the rabbit, but anytime Junction Jack was within 1,000 feet, Gavin was clawing at my neck to get away. He did the same thing with the Chick-Fil-A cow that made an appearance.

But the cow and rabbit were not the only celebrities. President and Mrs. Bush took in the Saturday game as well. I thought it was pretty neat that when they got up to leave during the eighth inning, most everyone stood up and cheered.

Gavin did pretty well for the nearly four hour game. My mom and I both brought a few things to keep him entertained. Being in an independent stage kind of worked out because Gavin was determined to shell all of his peanuts himself. I think the correct term was "me do it." And since we didn't bring a baseball glove, I told him to hold out his hat to catch a ball. This worked for a little while until he got frustrated that balls were not being thrown his way.

He definitely had plenty of laps to sit in.

I think this cute face is what got us on the Jumbo-tron not just once, but three times.

Someone was getting pretty sleepy towards the end. Okay, make that three someones.

Thanks Nee and Poppy for a fun evening! Gavin looks like he's asking when we are going back.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blue Bell Fun Run

On your mark, get set, go!

3,600 people participated in the 33rd annual Blue Bell Fun Run in which my mother-in-law and I ran amongst people, pets and strollers.

After the weather cancellation of my first 5K, I finally officially completed one this weekend. I wasn't sure if I would get to do this one because I had pulled my hamstring earlier in the week. But, with some prayer, Alieve and adrenaline, I was good to go.

My husband was so sweet to drive us, take pictures and even entertain this cutie.

He loved the sweet treats at the end of the race.

And so did we.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Puppies and Dandelions

We went to the cousin's house searching for these.

Almost went home with this.

And someone had the best time trying to blow out their first dandelion.