Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurrection Day

This year it had been on my heart to make Easter more intentional. I wanted it to be less about rabbits, chicks, and candy, but more about our Savior. I barely put out any of the decorations from our Easter box and instead D and I tried to center our conversations and even our activities around the glorious and gruesome days that come to mind during this Easter season.

We missed being able to celebrate with our family because Ava developed a virus with symptoms of a high fever and soar throat that simply had to run its course. Thankfully she had been fever free long enough for us to rejoice in Resurrection Day with our church family. And quite honestly, I was sad that we did not get to be with our families, but it gave our core family sweet time to help our kids focus on what Easter truly is about. We had more time to read the Easter story in our Bible. The kids played with the 12 day countdown to Resurrection Day Eggs. Gavin's excitement about Easter transformed from looking for eggs to the fact that Jesus has risen. Even Ava at two years old, seemed to understand. One night, it was her turn to pray. She usually just repeats what we help her say in short phrases. We started with, "Thank you, for Jesus, dying," and she without help finished, "on the cross." It melted my heart.

Before lunch, we took a few family photos. Ok, we took a lot but it's hard to get pictures of a busy two year old.

 We didn't do away with all Easter traditions though. Each kid still had an Easter basket which we explained that just like God gives us good things, Mommy and Daddy like to give good things to our kids.
                  We also did a fun egg hunt in the backyard for our two kids.                     
 We all ended up having so much fun because a few confetti eggs were thrown into the mix. We all got "egged" but D and I got an unexpected treat as we watched Ava being delighted with the confetti flying out of the eggs. She would shake the egg and squeal with delight.
We even had time to blow bubbles for the kids. That sounds like such a little thing, but with the amount of rushing around that we do, it was a much needed break.