Saturday, October 10, 2015

October, Yeah the One Last Year

It's my favorite time of year! I don't want to forget our fall fun activities from last year as we begin to enjoy some old and new ones this year.
And I realized that there were quite a few iphone pictures from September I'm going to include as well. Get ready for picture overload. You'll be as tired as these two by the end of the blog.

 We took advantage of the cooler days and walked to school.
 I guess we could have driven.

We did some reading inside and outside.
 Enjoyed crafting.

There was lots and lots of playing.

As well as lots and lots of dress up

And then of course there were these sweet faces.

We took a trip to the Buffalo Bayou Arboretum for their Boo festival.

Gavin was Student of the Week for all of first grade.

We took Sunday pictures.

Ava and I also made a trip to a local pumpkin patch with our Life Group.

This fall is already shaping up to be another fun-filled adventure.