Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bluebonnets- A Texas Tradition

 Oh, how I just love these two. They really do melt my heart. My sweet husband offered to take us to the Hill Country for Bluebonnet pictures, but I decided I really wanted to take pictures of the kids in the patches of bluebonnets at my grandparents' house. It made the pictures all the more special. My grandfather was in the hospital at the time, but my grandmother was able to watch the craziness that goes on taking pictures of these two. 


And while one of these two is a little less affectionate, they do love each other.


I got a few pictures of them together, but we find it's usually much easier to get separate shots.




Toward the end of the photo shoot, the kids had an impromptu round of Ring Around the Rosies.

And we all fell down. Some were just more happy about it than others.