Monday, November 10, 2014

A Fall Tradition

I love family traditions and one of my favorite ones is going to the Dallas Arboretum.We made our first trip when Gavin was just 16 months old. We have gone back every year with the exception of about two. Some years we make a weekend trip of it, but like this year, we just went up for the day.
This was our first family picture at the Arboretum.
And here's this year's picture. Things have changed quite a bit since 2009.
So I realized I did not take many pictures of the landscape like I usually do, but I was too busy coaxing these crazies to at least look at me.
I got lots of silly faces like these.
But eventually, I captured a few good closeups.
 Because we have been here several times, I noticed a few similar pictures. Same pond, two different years and two different kids.
Ava is in the same flower garden, but what a difference two years makes.
 And of course, here are the kids in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 
 Gavin pretended he was a "squarecrow" as Ava would say and he attempted to pick up a giant pumpkin when he wasn't running like the Flash.
I love this one of Dave and the kids plus Dave and Ava. She clearly loves her Daddy.
I think they kind of love me too.
 And just because these two pictures are sweet to me...
 I hope we have many more years of carrying on our tradition of going to the Dallas Arboretum and maybe we can continue holding hands a few more years.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: T-Ball

To be honest, I have never done a Throw Back Thursday or TBT picture on Facebook, but I thought it would be appropriate for my blog since I am so far behind. I am going to try to catch up over the next few weeks but there are absolutely no promises. To be honest, life is just plain crazy most days. Even on days we don't have commitments, I feel like I am playing catch up or working late nights. This mama is plum tired, but I still want to document these sweet moments with my family. And I have to remind myself that this blog is not my only means of documenting our life. I take tons of pictures or try to write down special memories, but mostly I want to live in the moment. As Mary did, I too want to ponder these things in my heart, but it's fun to share a picture or two along the way.

So today's Throw Back Thursday is going to be about that all-American kid sport: t-ball. We signed Gavin up with the YMCA in the spring. We didn't know how the commitment would be with his first year of school, but with just one weekday practice and one game Saturday mornings, it was perfect.

Gavin had such a sweet coach, who not only taught them the basics of t-ball, but made sure the kids treated each other and the adults with respect.
 Here Gavin is on his first day of practice. 
The team may have had an honorary team member in the form of a red head. Can you spot her?
 Practices were fun and hard work. This one really worked on tucking those arms when he ran.
 And then it was game day. Here's Gav with one of his biggest fans.
 And another...
 And another. Dave had fun helping on the field and I helped out as much as I could when I wasn't chasing Ava.

 I don't think there were any wild flowers picked and he got to where he was catching several balls throughout the season.
 Gavin was also the only leftie on the team which often threw off the other team. 
Sister was looking awfully cute in her blinged-out Baseball Sister shirt I found for $3.
Gavin had a lot of fun playing with some sweet team mates. He enjoyed it, but has decided he wants to try something else. We are fine with that and only asked that he stuck with it for the season. 
We can't help but be a little proud of him. His coach handed out year-end awards for things like most energy or fast runner, but she chose to give Gavin the award for best all around personality.  We kind of like his personality too.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a Typical Sunday

After church on Sundays I typically like to take a few pictures of the kids. I'm not sure when this started but the kids should be used to it, right?
We usually take a couple of pictures on the stairs and opt for outside.
I think they like this better. 

The kids have enjoyed my old Where's Waldo? books lately.