Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carried Away

Race day came and went as quickly as the changing weather. That morning we were met with as my sister-in-law described it, "gail force winds". The race was being held at the Intercontinental Airport and the FAA closed down all of the race path except for about half a mile. So what was supposed to be a 3 mile stint ended in a sprint for the finish line.

Actually the first part of the half mile was a breeze, as the strong winds pushed us down the runway, but as we all turned a corner, it felt like one of the planes was parked next to us, engines going, just daring anyone to get past it. As I explained to someone, I now know what it's like to be in a slow motion movie.

Slightly disappointed, yes, but I was also proud of everyone on the team who put in the miles preparing for the day. I was also able to accomplish getting my three miles down to under 40 minutes. Do I have a passion for running now- nope, nada, not one bit. But I glad to see what I could accomplish. I'm actually contemplating doing another (hopefully the full 5K) at the end of March or one in mid April.

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