Sunday, March 20, 2011

Being Home

Spring Break couldn't come quick enough and quite frankly did not last long enough. I will never discount the amount of work being a stay at home mom is, but as a working outside the home mom and a stay at home mom (during the summer months), I can attest that being a working outside the home mom is much harder. This may not be so for everyone, but having done both, I find that it's a lot harder juggling everything from August until June. I'm typically more stressed with a million to do lists running around in my head, trying to play catch up on the laundry, cleaning, shopping during the weekend with what seems like little down time. It might be different if someone came to clean my house or if we ate out all the time, but that's not happening around the Moore household. I was secretly hoping the little mouse that came to visit our house a few weeks ago would have volunteered to vacuum but quite honestly, he simply created more chores.

However, having this week off found me more relaxed, even though I don't think we slowed down very much. It was good to feel like I was getting some things accomplished rather than just barely floating by. Besides marking a few things off my to-do list, my most favorite thing about being home this week was spending all day with my little boy and getting to see D more. We had so many mini adventures I've tried to paint in my memory and even a few that were captured on film. Some I hope to share in the coming days. It's quite ironic, that I thought with having more down time, I would get to blog more this week, but instead I was perfectly content making up songs, kissing bobos, working in the dirt, and laughing until my belly hurt.

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