Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Opening Weekend

Take me out to the ball game!

If the race Saturday wasn't enough excitement, D, Gavin and I were invited to the Astros opening weekend game by my parents. We have sat behind home plate once, but I think the seats behind the dugout are better because there is more player interaction and chances to catch a ball.

Gavin got his hat signed by Astros pitcher Figueroa.

However, he was more enthralled by Junction Jack. Although I think it's kind of a love/hate relationship.

He kept asking for the rabbit, but anytime Junction Jack was within 1,000 feet, Gavin was clawing at my neck to get away. He did the same thing with the Chick-Fil-A cow that made an appearance.

But the cow and rabbit were not the only celebrities. President and Mrs. Bush took in the Saturday game as well. I thought it was pretty neat that when they got up to leave during the eighth inning, most everyone stood up and cheered.

Gavin did pretty well for the nearly four hour game. My mom and I both brought a few things to keep him entertained. Being in an independent stage kind of worked out because Gavin was determined to shell all of his peanuts himself. I think the correct term was "me do it." And since we didn't bring a baseball glove, I told him to hold out his hat to catch a ball. This worked for a little while until he got frustrated that balls were not being thrown his way.

He definitely had plenty of laps to sit in.

I think this cute face is what got us on the Jumbo-tron not just once, but three times.

Someone was getting pretty sleepy towards the end. Okay, make that three someones.

Thanks Nee and Poppy for a fun evening! Gavin looks like he's asking when we are going back.

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  1. what fun!!! behind the dugout seats are our fave.