Monday, January 17, 2011

S'more Ugly Sweaters Please

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday. Let me give you a few words to describe my friend: caring, sweet-natured, loving, hard working, hilarious, creative, loyal, fun, godly, thoughtful and so full of life. This is the kind of friend who will stick by you through thick and then. This person makes me laugh more than anyone else, knows how I am feeling by just looking at me and I am eternally grateful to God to be the person beginning and ending each day with him.

Unfortunately, our camera ate most of the pictures we took, so there's no pictures of the s'mores and hot chocolate buffets, but we thankfully have a group picture of the ugly sweater wearing participants. This group picture means so much to me because the whole family was there including mine and D's grandparents.

Happy Birthday hunny. I'm glad we got an extra day to celebrate. Thanks for making every day special. Gavin thinks you're pretty swell too.

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