Monday, February 27, 2012

2 Months Old

Little girl, you turned 2 months old on Friday. We were a little rushed trying to leave for my birthday party, that I didn't get the pictures I was hoping for. This one came out ok, but I may try to retake some this week.

I happened to have scheduled yourtwo month appointment for that day so I know your actual measurements. At two months Ava, you:

Weigh 10 pounds 11 ounces and are in the 48 percentile. Wow! You gained 3 pounds and six ounces since your three week visit!

Are 23 and a half inches long putting you in the 89 percentile. The doctor said that wasn't even adjusted for coming two weeks early. Your granddaddy said he was going to get you a basketball for when you turn three months old. It's never too early to start smelling the leather and getting used to the texture. Your height must come from your great great grandparents down the line who also gave your uncles their height.

Your head size came in the 7 percentile but the doctor said not to worry that it has nothing to do with how smart you will be. I really wasn't worried to be honest.

You didn't like getting your shots but only cried for a few seconds. I was expecting you to be kind of cranky the rest of the day, but you were fine.

You happened to turn two months old on the same day your great grandmother turned 81. I hope you don't mind me posting that Nana but I think you are the most beautiful 81 year old I know.

Ava, it didn't take long for it to feel like you have always been part of our family. You are starting to give us more glimpses of your smile. I try to encourage you to give us more smiles because it is so sweet. Before we know it that smile will have a special resident- teeth! The doctor said your top teeth are already coming down.

You are wearing 0-3 months clothes except for sleepers which are three months. Your little feet are even getting to the end of those which we now know has to do with your exceptional length. Your shoulders are broad but your waist is skinny which makes it hard to fit you in some pants. That's ok, because your daddy and I both like you in dresses.

You are in size one diapers but I wonder if I already need to move you up a size since it's sometimes hard to get the diaper on with your rolly little legs. Those rolly little legs come from you keeping to your three hour eating schedule. However, you gave your mommy the best birthday present when you slept from 11:30-5:30 on Saturday night. You haven't done it since but the last two nights you slept from about midnight to 4:30. You're getting there sweety. You have even taken to sleeping in your cradle fairly well as long as you are swaddled.

Gavin still adores you. He wants to "pet" you and sit on whichever side mommy happens to be holding you. The other night he said he didn't want to spend the night at his grandparent's house because he needed to see Ava.

You respond well to your Daddy and I when we comfort you or when you try to follow us with your eyes. We love you so much little girl. In fact, we love you to the moon and back and more.

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