Friday, March 27, 2009

Life at the Zoo

Five days out of the week, I usually feel like I'm living at the zoo surrounded by my precious kindergarteners, all 22 of them. However, over spring break I got to actually go to the real zoo with my favorite two monkeys D. and G. We were stressing a little over getting to the zoo early enough but still allowing time for G. to have a nap. For example, we recently took G. to his first Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (well not really the rodeo part, but at least he saw the animals). After a cranky time at the rodeo, we realized that at least 30 minutes of nap time will do G. good.

For anyone who knows G., you know that he's usually all smiles, but not on Rodeo Day without his nap.

After his nap, my boy has returned to his normal self on the second trip to the Rodeo's petting zoo.

Thankfully he slept in the car on the way to the zoo.
It was a beautiful day- once of those very few, catch them while you can, Houston spring like days. The animals were out in full force.

Here's a cheetah showing off.

One of my favorite pictures is of G. demonstrating his raspberry blowing skills. It's cute now, but not so much when just this week I had to tell two of those before mentioned five-year-olds not to spit on each other.

D. took this amazing photo of jellyfish in the aquarium.

We capped it off with lunch in the park which reminded me so much of being in Paris. I think it was mostly the tree-lined pond with people seeming so care free.

And lastly, a picture of G. just a few days before his top two teeth starting coming in, but more on that later.

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