Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Big Green Chair

I have always wanted family pictures out in some whimsical field, so I figured if I could get pictures of two out of four of my family members we were doing fairly well. Can I just say that I have a much greater appreciation for photographers that do this all of the time. I'm glad I was able to take their pictures, but it was work! I gathered far extra props than we ever used and several outfit changes even though we only changed the kiddos into one other outfit (I didn't post any of those photos but may later on). I had to let some things go though like when the horse wouldn't be enticed by the hay so she could just so happen to be in the background. Oh well, I think I know someone who can Photoshop some horses in.  To that same person, I owe a big thank you for helping me drag out the chair, chase away flies for a little boy and try to get smiles from our cheeky little baby. Thanks hunny!

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