Monday, May 20, 2013

Zoo Fun

I am trying to make sure we make good use of our zoo membership this year. Although just today, we did turn down a zoo date and good thing because Miss Ava wasn't feeling like herself when she woke up and I have had a migraine. As brother rephrased, "Ava doesn't feel like Ava."

However, we did make it there a few weeks ago before the weather got unreasonably hot like today's temp of 90 degrees.


The sit and stand stroller was perfect and got lots of use. It was nice for Gavin to be able to be able to ride if he got tired or walk and take a closer look at the animals without having to buckle and unbuckle him each time.

I found a little wildlife here,



 and here.

Tried for some brother/sister photos inside the zoo.


But had slightly better luck with individual pictures outside of the zoo.

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