Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Gav

This has been a big year for Gavin. He started and finished Kindergarten, grew a bit, lost two teeth, performed in two choir performances, pretended to be countless super heroes, and played t-ball for the first time. I'm so proud of him because some of those things, especially going to school and playing a team sport for the first time, took lots of courage and hard work. 

The top pictures are from Gavin's first day of school and the bottom are his last day.
 That grin never changed! I can tell some physical change in him, but nothing compared to sister's first and last day of "school."
Gavin had an awesome school year with the sweetest teacher, but after countless packed lunches, forms filled out, and mastering the pick up line, I think this picture sums up how we all felt.
One of the things that most excited this little boy was his first loose tooth. I remember taking this picture thinking it might be one of the last before his first tooth fell out. This smile gets me every time!
And before we knew it, this happened.

His first tooth came out while he was eating an apple. I was upstairs at the time, and as he was coming up to tell me, he dropped his white tooth in our off white carpet. I was literally on my hands and knees with a comb trying to find it. I did find it several hours later during search number two. 

I think I have made the shocking revelation before that we don't celebrate Santa at Christmas. Well, Gavin also doesn't believe in the tooth fairy, but he was excited to see what was under his pillow the next morning. Both Dave and I wanted to go in his room, so we decided one of us would remove the tooth while the other put the money under the pillow. As I walked into Gavin's room, I looked behind me and see Dave crawling on his hands and knees like it's some covert operation. I nearly blew that operation because I trying to stifling my laughing. Let's just say we were successful and the Tooth Fairy has officially been demoted.  

Before we know it, we will be moving on from loose teeth to mustaches.
Gavin and I also went on our first mommy/son date while Dave and Ava went to a daddy/daughter dinner at church. Went to see the Lego movie.
He also played his first organized sport- tball, but I'll save more of that for later. However, this has to be one of my top favorite pictures of this kiddo.

After a rough time the first year Gavin did church choir, he had a much better time this past fall and spring. I think he was more comfortable on stage this go around. Something about this picture makes Gavin look eight and I'm not sure I'm ok with that.
One of Gavin's greatest accomplishments was memorizing 35 Bible verses in Awanas. He actually finished a little early in the year, so we added our own at home. Usually we worked on the verses together, but one day, I saw him reviewing the verse on his own. Oh how I hope he does this all his life!
Brother and sister went on many adventures this year. These two love each other so fiercely but also know how to push each others buttons. It looks like we might have a backseat driver.
 No child is perfect and Gavin certainly isn't but we are blessed that he desires to do what is right, is learning what is means to follow Christ and has a cheery disposition about 99.95% of the time.

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