Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm Just Going to Go For It

So what if I have only blogged once since last November. So what if that one blog was only a year late. So what if no one, not even my grandmother checks to see if I have a new blog. I realized that I am just going to go for it and try to redeem a little of this blogosphere.

Not long ago, I was looking through old blogs when Gavin was two and three. And man, I captured some sweet stuff. Poor Ava. I haven't hardly blogged anything and it's definitely not that she doesn't give some pretty good material. That girl keeps us rolling whether it's from something she says or a look she gives. So I figured I'll give at least one blog post for each month I am behind for the next several weeks. School starts for one next week and the other the week after. It's not that I'm going to have loads of extra time because my list of "oh I'll just do that once school starts" is off the chart, but at least I may be able to squeeze thirty minutes here and there. Some posts may be more pictures than words because my brain fails me. So without further ado long, long ago in a month named August, yeah, last August we.....

Played dress up
Did some swimmin' and grillin'
Had hard goodbyes
Got in the game and played outside
Met the teacher
And had a great first day of school.
 But not without one last goodnight hug before the first day of first grade.

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