Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bobcat Driver

Once a week, G. gets to spend some quality time with his Me Me (grandmother) and Nanny and Pa Paw (great grandparents). Oh, the adventures they have. And I can't forget the fun he has with Toni, the lovable, world-traveling dog. In fact, G. can now point to a picture of a dog when we ask where Toni is.

On a recent play date, G., who is known as Pa Paw's Bobcat driver, got his hands on the wheel and his feet to the medal (oh wait, he can't touch the pedals), but at least he and Pa Paw felt the breeze blowing in their hair during a ride on the Mule. That being, said, it would be very likely that they could be riding a beautiful mare or a wild stallion since the in-laws do have horses, but this Mule was of the engine species.

Me Me captured this neat picture of vastly different but beautiful hands.

Me Me also took G. over to my grandparents to see them for awhile. G. showed off his Bobcat driving skills to everyone. He looks so grown up driving his toy. D. and I have been blessed with wonderful families. I'm not sure of many that would have parents and grandparents from different sides of the families visiting each other.

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