Sunday, April 19, 2009

It can stop right now!

You just have to stop growing Mr. Man. Well, not really. Of course Mommy wants you to keep growing, but I can't believe how quickly you are changing. Just about every day leads to something new you discover and even though you're a little guy, you're somehow outgrowing your clothes and shoes.

Two days ago, you turned ten months old. I think we just skipped you being nine months altogether. It seems like we just brought you home from the hospital last week. Even then, you were looking up at us with those big eyes of yours. You get them from me you know.

But now, you dare to try everything. Just yesterday, you pulled yourself up to stand and look in your toy box, but you decided that wasn't close enough. You had to climb in. At ten months, you:
...pull up on everything
...stand with little help
...babble constantly, da da is about all we understand
...can crawl to the other side of the room in a moment's notice
...give good hugs your rabbit pillow
...laugh so easily and smile unceasingly except when hungry or overly tired
...continually capture our hearts

O.k., so I give you permission to continue growing because everyone says it just gets better. For now, I'll look at this picture of you at ten months and treasure the moment.

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