Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Post Part 2

I completely underestimated what I had going on this week when I thought I would get this post out five days ago. Wishful thinking I guess.

So this is Easter Sunday with the Moores. The three of us went to the middle church service with high hopes of making it home in time for Gavin to take a pre-Easter dinner nap. Again, wishful thinking. No nap was to be had at that time.

We left a trail of eggs to Gavin's Easter basket. He seemed quite thrilled will all of the soft balls.

Then we had a nice Bible study after a delicious lunch thanks to Me Me and Granddaddy.

It's amazing that Gavin looks so much different from last year since it seems like it was just his first Easter. Same smile though.

Cousin Ayden was a pro by now, so we let him find all of the eggs that were hidden really well.

Gavin and Cousin Logan each had one year of egg hunting under their belt, so they took to the field of eggs.

At one point, both were tired of hunting. Logan resorted to eating what he found in the shell.

While Gavin thought it was more fun to talk to Nannie and play in the railing.

He may have also snuck a snack or two.

This goose laid an egg.

And that is the end of my Easter tale.

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