Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mystery, Murder and Mayhem

For my dear friend Alisha's big birthday (let's just say it ends in an 0), we celebrated on a Murder Mystery Dinner cruise. None of those attending had been before and we all had a blast. For the sake of argument, this event did not occur tonight but rather recently. Tonight, I lunged and jogged and did tricep dips until I was a puddle of sweat. (Nice visual, eh?) I'm pretty sure my arms and legs will be thanking me tomorrow. Anyways, back to the event at hand.
Even Alisha's mom, Ms. Betty was caught throwing beads to the people on the Kemah Boardwalk when she wasn't taking pictures.
Several dinner guests were chosen to be participants including the birthday girl. Meet Ms. Terra Fied and Alisha's sister the pirate. I'm still trying to figure out how she tied into the play.And I may or may not have had a minor role that required me to use some of the Zumba moves I've been learning with a feather boa.I highly recommend taking a group or just going on a date. Happy Birthday Alisha!

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