Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that this was us exactly one year ago. 

We had just brought Ava home from the NICU New Years Eve 2011 and finally had our little family of four together. God has been so good to see us through every step. Buying our home this summer was a three year long prayer request that starting with us deciding to sell our house in 2009, sweet memories in the ranch house, finding out Dave's company was losing its NASA contract, deciding I would stay home with Gavin and our impending bundle of joy, Dave then getting a new job, and Ava's two week early arrival on Christmas Eve. Most all of that was in 2011, so 2012 felt like a huge relief. It wasn't all easy adjusting to life with two little ones, but I can joyfully look back and see God's hand weaving the intricate details of our lives.

It's amazing how things have changed in 12 short months. Happy New Year!

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