Thursday, January 31, 2013

Has It Been A Month?

***So, I realized this little blog post was not posted a week ago when I wrote it. Does the fact that I actually wrote it back then count?***

A month??!! Seriously, it's been a month since Christmas already. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. We have already celebrated the wedding of a sweet young couple, hosted birthday parties and attended birthday parties, baby showers and a baby gender reveal party. 

Does that give me any reprieve from taking so long to post pictures from Christmas? Okay, if that doesn't, how about the fact that I literally took 2,000 pictures in the month of December? "Hi, my name is Abbey, and I may have a picture taking problem."

I won't go all vacation slide show on you but will post a few of the highlights.

Kiss Sanwich

 New Nephew

Singing shepherd


4 Years

White Elephant, Ugly Sweater Christmas Party


Zoo Lights
With Sweet Friends

 Not-So Happy First Encounters

The Good News

Going on Vacation (At least it's better than running away from home.)

1 Year

Holding On

Four Generations

Christmas 2012

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