Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten


The day came, a little too quickly if you ask me. To be fair it didn't creep up on me. In fact, I've been thinking about Gavin's first day of kindergarten for quite some time. Last year we did pre-school in a homeschool format, but for kindergarten we and I mean D and I, were not sure what we were going to do. Some days I would have knots in my stomach as I worried about this seemingly huge decision. Well that worry started melting away the more I gave the question over to prayer. A wise friend also told me that I just need to take it one year at a time. What may work for this year may not for next year.  So with that being said, we decided Gavin was going to attend public school for kindergarten.


We prayed that Gavin would get the teacher that was the best fit for him but I also added in that it would be nice if he got our church's worship leader's wife. That didn't happen but the teacher he did get seems so very sweet.

Being a former kindergarten teacher I tried to prepare Gavin as much as possible academically and what he should expect to do, but as a mama my priority was to prepare him spiritually with lots and lots of prayer as well as reminding him who he is (kind, sweet, honest, caring, helpful, loved by lots of people, and created by God). I also thought it would be helpful if he knew how to open his cheese sticks, button his shorts, and well we'll get to tying the shoes later.

We took a few, ok a lot, of pictures on Gavin's first day. Pinterest has to be thanked for most of these ideas.






Our neighbor was so sweet to take a family photo for us. 

It felt a little like Mayberry taking Gavin to school his first day. Parents were walking wit their kids to school from every corner of our neighborhood. There were strollers and bikes and scooters with crossing guards ready to protect these wee little ones. Our neighborhood even created a tunnel that goes under the very busy street which runs in front of the school.

Gavin was all smiles as he held mine and Dave's hands all the way to his classroom. He put his backpack up, took a picture for us with his teacher and made a beeline for the playdough. We took a few more pictures, I fought back tears and we said our goodbyes.




I was trying to not be that clingy parent I had so often assured I would take care of their kiddo. It was bittersweet. I was sad because I can't believe my sweet baby is old enough for school and I'm going to miss having him with me all day. See, this was just yesterday.

He was glad to see his sister after his first day and the feeling was mutual. However, I think she liked having a little mommy time too.

As much as we missed him, I have peace knowing that he is going to flourish this year. And after the first two days, he is still all smiles.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This post definitely brought tears to my eyes! Jackson doesn't start until next year so we're homeschooling this year. We don't know where we'll be next year so we'll have to make the hard choice in a year whether we keep up with it. Let me know any advice you had for the pre-schooling. And way to go not crying! Very cute post:)