Wednesday, August 14, 2013

God is in Control Part 1

It's been six months to the day and I am back in the same dentist office. Six months precisely since Valentine's Day, a day I am not likely to forget any time soon or even later. Six months ago our family visited the dentist dressed in our best festive reds and decided to take advantage of the day and head off to the Natural Science Museum post afternoon naps. For breakfast we had heart-shaped pancakes, a festively decorated table with goodies for the kids and flowers from my hunny. Here are a few Valentine pics from that morning.





Sometimes I feel like my memories fail me but I surprisingly have so many details and emotions of this day etched in my brain. Even now, I tear up just thinking about them. We arrived at the Museum with just over an hour to view the place. Since the Museum was free on Thursday afternoons we weren't too worried about not seeing everything. As we arrived in the new Dinosaur exhibit, a kind paleontologist gave us a few tips for our short visit as well as a dinosaur sticker for Gavin which he proudly wore on his cheek. The exhibit is truly impressive but I have to admit I miss it being in the main hall.



We saw some fierce dinosaurs which looked frighteningly alive. Can't you tell from our faces?  

Gavin and Dave headed upstairs for a last minute look while Ava and I went to the new gift shop. I picked out two small plastic dinosaurs for the kids and met up with the boys. Gavin really wanted to get a penny flattened souvenir. I couldn't find the correct change and at that point security was saying the Museum was closing while Dave was telling me he felt light-headed. I'm going to stop here because the next part is a little emotional, okay majorly emotional and I feel it needs its own post. Before I cry, here's a picture that can't help but make me smile.

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