Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Go With It

I can't say there has been one thing in particular that has kept me from updating this dear old blog lately, but rather just life happening at the usual rapid pace. I will never say that being a stay-at-home mom is not a full time job, because it is, but I find myself trying to do the job of a stay-at-home mom the way I would like plus have a full time job outside the home. At some point, something has to give and I guess it will be this blog sometimes. Thankfully the week-long Thanksgiving vacation came just in time.

A few weeks ago, Gavin started taking his socks off and putting them on his hands like sock puppets. We would come in his room in the mornings or after nap time and find him like this.
So, we decided to get old socks and make puppets for him. With the use of some felt, hot glue and wiggly eyes, Francois and Reggie were born.
And since the glue gun was already hot, we decided to make a pine cone turkey. Basically we cut out felt for the legs and beak; glued on wiggly eyes and loosely added the colorful feathers.
When I originally saw this idea somewhere, you were supposed to hide the feathers and have the child find them. Since Gavin's a bit young, I decided it would be more fun to "fly" the turkey, later named Gobble Gobble, around the room and let Gavin collect the feathers. The joys of pure delight did not happen. What I got where gnashing of the teeth and wailing because I was apparently destroying this beloved turkey. All was well when I showed him we just stick the feathers back in. Gavin even took a "few" laps around the house with his new favorite game.
For Thanksgiving, we may take Gobble Gobble along for some hide and seek fun with the cousins. I'm excited to get to see all of those cousins starting tomorrow. We might even let the little cousins play too.

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