Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's Wonderland

So last night, we loaded up the car and headed out to College Station to visit Santa's Wonderland. The little man did awesome in the car for the two and a half hour trip.

About fifteen minutes down the road, we realized that we forgot the camera so we turned around for it. Little did we know that we should have just left it behind because once we got back in the car that night to come back home, only ten of our pictures were visible. Something had corrupted our camera card. I kept telling Dave, "We still have the memories." I think I was saying that more for my benefit than his.

So in an effort to capture the memories, let me paint a picture. Santa's Wonderland is set up like an Old West Town but decorated with lights and Christmas wonders galore. People were sitting around campfires, some were roasting marshmallows and hot dogs in a fire pit. The Christmas Story was playing on a big screen TV and Elvis even made an appearance. My favorite part of the evening, was taking the hayride to see all of the lighted scenes. Gavin was completely fascinated. He kept saying "more lights" while we munched on cinnamon and sugar roasted cashews. Towards the end of the hayride, they had the manger scene and then the crucifixion. The lights would show Jesus ascending into heaven and then he was surrounded by angels. After a few seconds the whole scene went dark for the next set of hay riders. The only sound we heard was "uh-oh" by my sweet cheeked boy.

It was a special family outing to which I do have these two pictures:

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