Monday, June 25, 2012

6 Months Old

Yesterday, Ava turned six months old which means Christmas is officially six months from today. Don't say you haven't been warned. I think Ava turning six months old has flown by even faster than when Gavin was six months if that's possible.  I'm going to make this post short and sweet since I have boxes calling for me to be packed.

Ava Grace, you continue to be a delight. You giggle and "talk" so sweetly. You are pretty easy going except when you get sleepy, but even then you give us warning signs with your little whimper. I'm afraid it won't be long before you are really mobile. Once you get your arms to cooperate with the incredible strength of your legs, you will be across the room in no time.

I'm loving the routine you have down now. Around 7:30, I hearing you cooing in your bed and am greeted with a sweet smile when I get you up. You eat and play, and by 9:30 you are ready for your first nap. It's usually the longest one where you sleep until 11 am.  By noon I feed you and give you your first bit of rice cereal. After we move, you'll start getting your first tastes of veggies and fruit.  Around 2:30, it's nap number two and  then you are up by 4. I'll feed you again and if brother is still napping, you and I get some time to giggle and snuggle. It's been working out that you are ready for your last nap, the shortest, at 6 pm just when I'm preparing dinner. At 8, I'll feed you again and give you your second bowl of rice cereal. I love a good routine, so getting to this point has been really nice. Of course, we will have to make some adjustments because swim lessons are this week and we will be in the midst of moving.


Tomorrow, I am taking you to the doctor for your six month check up so I'll try to come back and update your stats. You are in six to nine month clothes and what has to be your last box of size two diapers. Your hair is steadily growing in this pretty shade of auburn and your eyes are grayish blue. This weekend was the first time I could get a bow in your hair without using a headband and I thought it looked so sweet.

When we took your six month pictures, your brother wanted to climb up next to you. This picture just melts my heart. We love you truly Ava Grace.


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