Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Months Old

Sweet love, my favorite time of year is now. I am beyond delighted to see you experience this season for the first time from the cool temps to the plump orange pumpkins. I remember going to the pumpkin patch last year with eager anticipation of your arrival. And now you are here, all ten months of you.

It is really hitting me that in just less than two months you will be one. I have probably said it a dozen times, but you are hitting this mark way faster than I remember with your brother. Part of that is because my attention is divided between you two but you are also reaching new milestones so much faster. Two more teeth are coming in for a total of six. And you have stood on your own several times for a few seconds. Can I just say how fast you get around. Your knees never touch the ground when you crawl but you sure do boot scoot. It made me a little sad, but this past Sunday you were moved out of the baby class at church into the one year old class because as they said you can pretty much get into anything. I know, I have tried to sweep when you are on the floor.

One thing that is not changing as much is that you seemed to have slowed down in your growth. You are wearing 6-9 month clothes with a few 12 month items and at 10 months weigh 16.9 pounds. Maybe, just maybe your eyes will stay blue like your daddy's. Although in the below picture they look brown.

You and your brother are still two peas in a pod. It's fun being able to give you both a bath at the same time. And most of the time, he actually likes that you can play together. He thinks it's fun to help feed you too. As I'm typing this, Gavin leans over and asks if that's his baby sister in the picture. I think only you could pull him from It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Now is that perfect time of year in Texas when we can comfortably enjoy the outdoors.  You squeal and wiggle your feet when we go outside. You just may be our little musician. We were listening to Gavin's choir cd in the car and I am almost certain you were shaking your rattle in time to the music. When I had to pause it, you stopped the rattle and started it back up with the music. No wonder you have always like to dance when someone sings a tune. 


We love you to the moon and back and more Missy Moo Who. ~ Mama

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