Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a Stretch

So the other day, I was searching through pictures of Gavin to create a poster for Awanas. It was supposed to show his growth from a baby to a boy to coincide with the story of Jesus as a boy. I came across his fourth birthday pictures. Yeah, remember that event I have mentioned several times before but have not backed up with pictures. Well, I figured it was now or never. And seeing how this was so long ago, I'll keep it brief.

It was actually Gavin's idea to have a Swedish Fish birthday. And how does one have such a party? It took some imagination and many hours on Pinterest to figure that out. One of the caveats had to be that the party should be fairly easy to throw together since we were moving the next week. The pool was the perfect activity except it rained the first half of the party, but some food and a craft project seemed to keep the kiddos entertained.




Two of my favorite parts of the party were the fruity shark attack and the school of Swedish fish we cut out of a flotation device for the pool.



But of course my absolute favorite part of the party was celebrating my sweet four year old with family and friends.


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