Sunday, May 17, 2009


Only once is our little boy going to be eleven months old (11 is once in Spanish if you get the double meaning), but he sure is living it up.
G. has been:
>pulling up on everything in record speed

>cruising along the furniture and everything else that is chin high

>mastering crawling while holding on to one object

>teething again - I think. There's definitely enough drool to fill a tub and his
hands are constantly in his mouth.

>saying Mama and Dada, although not always to the right person, but mostly to anyone who will listen

>afraid of horses with braids. I really need to post that story soon.

>does his version of singing when anyone else sings

>will let go and balance himself standing for a few seconds

>says "mmmm" when eating

>still has the best smile ever!

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