Friday, May 29, 2009

All American Boy

G. had another fun-filled day at Me Me's yesterday. In fact, it was his second day this week since D. had to work. Our little slugger was All-American with his baseball onesie, hat and pie.... scratch that, popsicle.

But as you can tell from that photo, he wasn't too sure about eating the popsicle like most kids do. He decided it was better to touch his finger to the popsicle and then lick his finger.

Me Me also put G. in a large flower pot.

But G. got another unexpected surprise- Toni. From this look, you would think he wasn't too sure about her.

However, this photo shows they are good and well-mannered friends. Neither was attacking the other one. If I were them, I would look out for that cheetah.

Thanks Me Me for a great day!

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