Sunday, May 24, 2009


It could have been. Should have been, but wasn't. Our first Astros baseball game could and should have been a strikeout, but ended up being a home run for us.
First the whys of how it was almost a disaster:

1. It rained before and after the game, drenching us all. I have before and
after family shots.
2. We almost didn't go to the game because of conflicting nap and feeding
3. One of us is hopefully not coming down with a cold. Cough, cough.
4. The Astros lost to the Texas Rangers 5-0.

But, we did go and boy were we glad. There's nothing like going to a baseball game, and this is G.'s first one. He didn't know what was going on, but he was content looking at everything. He's a pretty observant little fellow.

Here's a shot of the field. We were pretty high up. D. and I have sat behind home plate before, but being this far up does have its advantages. You have a good chance of spreading your stuff and your legs out and you get the bird's eye view of the whole field.

G. mostly played with our baseball hats. In the majority of the pictures we took, we're holding one or both of his hands.

And as promised, the before-we-got-drenched family photo:

And the after:

We really did have a great time and despite not having a nap, our little slugger was a good sport.

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