Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh, the Places You'll Go

We're back! I was really tempted to turn our last three weeks' adventure into a Where in the World is D, A and Gavin? Don't you remember that cool traveling kid's show with Carmen Sandiego?

I was also trying to leave my last month's posts pretty vague so that the Internet world wouldn't know that we were away from home. Who am I kidding? I think the only ones who probably read my blog already knew we were gone.

D. was asked to head to Florida to work on a month's long project. Gavin and I didn't really want to be away from him for that long, so we packed our bags two weeks later and began an impromptu vacation.

Let me just first say, that with a lot of prayer, Gavin did awesome on the plane. I think it's a mom's biggest compliment when upon exiting the plane, the people seated in front of us turned and said they didn't even know there was a baby behind them. Hallelujah! Of course lots of snacks and a few new and small toys helped as well. I couldn't get that great of a picture with just one hand, but here he is wearing the airplane shirt I made him.

And after a week of being gone without Daddy, we had a lot to tell him when we got to Florida.

The first week, Gavin and I were on our own because D. was working some pretty crazy hours. That didn't stop our adventure though. We went to the zoo where I got to feed a giraffe.

And Gavin rode on a train.

We actually went back to the zoo to their splash park. Gavin wasn't wanting to play that long, so I was really glad our Houston Zoo membership got us in free both times.

On another trip, we decided to check out Daytona Beach which was only about 45 minutes away from where we were staying. Gavin and I went to an old sugar mill that became BongoLand, a dinosaur theme park in the early 1900s', and is now a botanical gardens.

As you can see, there are still signs of dinosaur life.

We also visited a chocolate factory and partook in their tour. This was great because it was here that we first learned of Florida's almost daily afternoon showers. I know you're not feeling sorry for us having to seek shelter in a chocolate factory.
The factory:

And Gavin scoping out the goodies we bought everyone.

We also drove down the main rode by the beach, so we would know where to go when we went back. I couldn't believe that Daytona has a drive through church. I guess it's so you can wear your bathing suit and head down to the beach when the service is over.

We also went to Fort Christmas, an outlet mall, several Targets, swam in the pool, and somehow found ourselves in the Disney parking lot where we had to turn around so as not to pay the $12 parking fee. Let's just say we weren't going to be stuck in the hotel.

I'll post more about our week with Daddy, the shuttle finally launching, our anniversary dinner at Wendy's, trip to Miami and of course when we finally paid the $12 to park and go into Disney World.

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