Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Downtown Disney

I'm still trying to re-live our Florida trip but between getting ready for school to start again and moving (did, I just say moving? Yep- moving this week.)it's been just a tiny teeniest bit busy. It's opposite day don't ya' know. (Read that last sentence out loud again. I promise you should sound like you're from up north.)

But anyways, I'm determined to get our first big family trip recorded. So, for one of our first big outings while D. was on vacation with us, we went to Downtown Disney, but not before we stopped at the local mall, walked around until they opened, and let Gavin ride a race car.

And now on to Downtown Disney. It's not part of Disney World but it really should be. From the dinosaur themed restaurant to Lego City, it is a child's imagination come alive, probably for a child a little older than Gavin though.

We ate lunch at an Irish tavern called Raegan Road where Daddy and Gavin gave the what's up signs.

Would you believe this Shepherd's Pie was on the kid's menu? We all thought it was pretty good.

Daddy and Gavin saw a Lego dinosaur and we met a friendly dragon made entirely of Lego's who lived in the water.

There was some father/son bonding time. I didn't know the infatuation with "man toys" began this early though.

But Mommy and Gavin got some bonding time as well at Downtown Orlando, our last stop for the day.
They had beautiful lakes and a neat neighborhood park.

Oh, and I couldn't help but post a pic of Gavin's cute crocs. I've had these since one of my baby showers and he's just now able to wear the adorable shoes.

It's my sneaking suspicion that all of the day's activities may have worn someone out.

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