Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hats On For Me

Let's just say that I'm already pretty sure that title doesn't make sense, but it will. (Hint: it's a play on hats off to you.) It's probably not a good idea in the blogger world to have to explain your titles, but hey, I'm new to this. Anywho.

A certain little boy loves hats. He gets so excited when anyone is wearing a hat that he's near, especially when his Daddy is wearing his Astros hat.

While at Downtown Disney, we ran across the mother of all Disney stores loaded with every Disney based hat imaginable. We will model a few of our favorite styles. What better place than Disney World to try on hats seeing as though they are famous for those mouse ears. Mouse ears, you say?

Pirate Mickey

Debonair Mickey

Sorcerer Mickey

Minnie Mouse made an appearance

Of course Pirate Pluto or Goofy. The calls is out on whose ears those are.

And at Disney World two days later, we came across a couple more hats. The hat on the right somehow made it's way home with us. I think we went with this over traditional mouse ears because it actually has an adjustable strap.

On second thought, maybe it's not just Daddy's Astros hat that Gavin likes so much.

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