Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've been around a lot of inspiration lately, well basically all in the same day. Thursday, my high school A&P teacher spoke at the school district's opening ceremonies for the year. He's always been a pretty inspiring man, and despite the sixty plus pounds of weight loss due to cancer and despite having gone through chemo merely hours beforehand, he was still giving it his all. And I know he's going to continue to.

Then later that evening, D and I had a date of sorts as the two of us went to the Opening Night of his Art Showing at Galleria Lazzara. I'm so proud of that man. He got to schmooze it up with the art enthusiasts and very humbly say, "Yes, this is my art" and say thanks many times when people admired it.

Here are some of those admirers.

A few shots of his work.

There were three other very talented artists showing as well. This is from Bethany Robert.

And this is my favorite picture of D with his work in the background.I'm so proud of you hunny!

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