Friday, January 22, 2010

A Peaceful Ponder

Gavin's fever was much better today. Only once did his temp reach 100 degrees. You still wouldn't know he even had a fever because he played as much as he usually does. So much that he wouldn't take his afternoon nap which he usually willingly does. But it was during this nap refusal that I was quietly reminded of something. I had let him cry for a little bit to see if he would eventually fall asleep. When I went in to check on him, I stopped at the door and just watched. Little man was lying down curled up with his head resting on Mr. Rabbit and obviously couldn't see me. I'm pretty sure he didn't know I was there, but for the longest time he stopped crying. In that moment, I was reminded that even though I can't see God, His presence alone is enough to bring the sweetest peace. I don't have to see Him, touch Him or hear Him, I just have to believe He's there.

The rest of the day was not as thoughtful, but there were lots of laughs, help with the laundry and even a some playtime outside. Gavin also insisted on wearing his cow boots and Amish hat. He doesn't look too happy in the first picture, but I promise his ensemble was all him.

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