Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dishing on a Decade

We had such a wild and crazy week which meant there hasn't been much going on with the blog. We don't have a lot planned for this coming week (except I'm going to start a Zumba class- exciting!).

However, I deemed it was time to take a little break. Ten years ago, I met the man who was more than I could dream of, so I decided to whisk him away. I had a conference scheduled for Saturday in Houston and he planned to pick me up when it was over. When D. woke up Saturday morning, he found this:

Pack your bags. You won’t need much.
Where we’re going, we’ll be back after tomorrow’s lunch.
Don’t ask any questions, but I’ll give you a little tip.
We’re going to a place that’s very, very hip.
I’m excited about this little rendezvous
Because it’s going to be just me and you.

Not too bad considering I wrote it at about 5:30 that morning. I had already packed my bags and most of Gavin's bags since he would spend the night with the grandparents. When D. picked me up, we first made our way to the Menil. It's an evolving art museum that we've frequented before, but since the collection is changed often, there's always something new to see. Then it was off to Crave Cupcakes to get none other than the sweetest mini cakes. D. chose Lemon while I dined on Macadamia.

Neither of us were extremely hungry or dressed up so we made our way to California Pizza Kitchen to share a Southwest pizza complete with a side of salsa and guacamole. It was so delicious that you forgot it was pizza. Sharing a pizza may sound like a lot, but the whole pizza was about the size of a dinner plate-perfect with a small salad.

Hotel Icon was the destination for the evening. We've stayed there once before because it's not like a typical hotel. We've tried to figure out the decor, but the closest we can get to is eclectic French with a little western thrown in.

I started feeling like Pioneer Woman taking pictures of the hotel room. The bathroom had a window that opened up to the rest of the room.
Oh, how I love these red doors trimmed in black.
One of my favorite parts about the hotel is the giant vault in the lobby. The hotel was once a bank before it was renovated.

We capped the rendezvous off with brunch at Le Peep. Let's just say we'll be going back.

We both missed our little boy dearly, but there's just something about making an investment in your marriage that's so worth it.

To D.- the past decade has been the best. We could fill volumes with the memories we have together. Mostly funny adventures and memorable tales, but not without those hard roads as well. I'm looking forward to our continued travels together. Just promise me we'll never stop at Burger King! :-)

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