Thursday, January 7, 2010

There Will Be Days Like This

Some have it a little harder than others and right now, I think Gavin is having the toughest time transitioning back to everyday routine after a long Christmas break. If you can imagine this boy...
with this look and subsequent sound...

sub planting his face into this chair... then you get the picture.

I'm having a hard time balancing what to do with the two and a half hours between getting home and putting him to bed. Making dinner has been a dance with a partner who's not quite three feet tall and has his arms firmly wrapped around my knees. And the melody we're swaying to isn't all that pretty.

I could sit down and read books to him for that whole time, but neither he nor his daddy will be happy campers without eating. Maybe I can make enough food while we are "frozen" in this weekend to just have leftovers next week. Anyone care for chili served three different ways?

I was at last glad to see a smile creep up on Mr. Man's face when I saw him do something D. wouldn't be paid to do, oh and some have tried to pay him...
eat a banana!

Gavin's at the stage that he wants to hold bigger pieces of food and eat off it. That just causes this mama to hover even more. But you know what? At least the smile was back.


  1. Yeah, crock pot. Or maybe prep food on Sunday nights? Like chop onions or have meat that's already cut up in the freezer? I don't know. Stu loves to cook so we end up trading off. Or would he sit in the high chair and watch you cook?