Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is How We Roll

I've been meaning to post these pics of D.'s Birthday Bowling Bash for awhile now. I almost didn't, but we had so much fun I couldn't help but share. We took the whole fam to the nearest bowling alley which had been updated since I was there last. Okay, so they had to since the last time I was there I was probably sporting braces. We just so happened to be there during black light bowl.

We decided to play guys versus girls. As a joint effort, D. and I made everyone these official team hats. The women were Bipolar Rollers.

While the men were Gutter Madness. The youngest two cuties got onesies instead of hats. We missed you Logan!

We had a range of skills from those that had never bowled to a few that had their first date and subsequent dates as part of a bowling league (Are you sure Mom? Just kidding!).

My nephew Ayden was such a good sport as we all willed his ball down the lane.

Poor Gavin wanted down so bad, but we were afraid he would end up being mistaken for a bowling pin. Let's just say there were lots of arms to hold him and he entertained himself by saying "ball" a lot.

While none of us broke the triple digits, I think we all had fun.

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