Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Children's Museum

My grandmother is going to be beside herself because I'm posting blogs two days in a row. Yesterday, my sister-in-law Dani invited Gavin and I to the Children's Museum with her boys and their neighbors. We hadn't been back since the first time we went last summer. Gavin wasn't quite walking at that time. So with his walking shoes on, we were set for an adventure.

Since I was off from school in honor of President's Day what better way to celebrate than to play with Lincoln Logs. I'm not sure that any towers were constructed, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.

I think Gavin's eyes glazed over when he saw the phone booths. Who is it Gavin?

It's Aunt Dani!

He even had a hand at trying to open the vault.

Which way to the toddler area Logan?

At just eight months apart, I think these two are going to get along pretty well.

Gavin put a jump in his step as soon as we arrived in the Toddler area. He played with the balls.

Didn't want to cooperate for a picture with Mom.

Drove trucks down a ramp.

And just eight months since Gavin's last trip here, he played in the same blue car. He didn't grow that much did he?!

Moms were tired, but I think these three enjoyed themselves quite a bit.

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