Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

It was kind of nice that Valentine's Day was on Sunday this year. It seemed like we celebrated all weekend long. Gavin made his babysitter a Valentine's card. He definitely had it in his mind how it should be decorated because he wouldn't dare color on the back of the heart or any of the other Valentine's hearts he made. Even if he is a little hard headed sometimes, I love that his personality is becoming more evident every day.

Our parents were so sweet to us. D.'s parents watched Gavin after our nephew's first birthday. (Happy Birthday Logan!) D. and I went out to eat and spent most of the evening in Rice Village. Then after church on Sunday, my parents watched Gavin. We were going to go watch a movie, but because it was so crowded, we just rented one and came back home after getting ice cream. And you know what? That was perfectly fine with us.

Balloons were a huge hit with Gavin! The grandparents sure do know what gets this kid smiling. To be clear, the big batch were Me Me's balloons, but he did leave with one or two of his own to add to his collection.

Below are a few pictures of our cute cupid delivering his Valentine's cards. I don't have pictures of Gavin with my parents because we forgot the camera, but we did take a few when we picked him up of him opening his little Valentine basket from us. I think he liked the cup full of foam hearts from us the most. There's nothing like dumping them out and putting the hearts back in the cup over and over.

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