Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Washington!

George Washington and I have a little thing in common- we share the same birthday. It's technically tomorrow, but lucky me has a wonderful husband who coordinated some fun activities for this weekend.
I first met up with my life-long friend (yes, we've known each other since before I can remember and coincidentally were college roommates) at our Alma Mater for none other than a cupcake decorating class. We had a blast and walked away with some new ideas and lots of frosted deliciousness.

Afterward, I picked up the boys for a benefit in town to help one of the teacher's I work with and her family. This family has amazing strength despite dealing with several severe illnesses and I was so proud to see that it looked like the whole town showed up.

Then it was on to the Chocolate Bar to meet up with some of my dearest friends. Remember her?

Someone pointed out that there's a lull in the conversation every seven minutes, but for the nearly three hours we were there, I think there might have been one. Oh, and if you're in Houston and haven't visited the Chocolate Bar, please go now. Here's a look at our smorgasbord. That's right folks- it's just one piece of cake and it could feed an army.

D. and I then left to go see a late night showing of Avatar. And I do mean it was late.

Today, my family blessed me with a birthday bash at my parents' house. It is always sweet to have all of our family together and I know we truly, truly are blessed to have parents and grandparents from mine and D.'s family in the same room. The boys are also at an age where they can play pretty well together.

I blew out of few candles for you Mr. Washington because those clearly couldn't be all mine.

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