Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

There is a series of classic childrens' books by Laura Numeroff that all start with "If you Give..." with our favorite being, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

Well, I'm glad to know that something we have been reading to Gavin has been sinking in. Today he decided it was Mr. Priscilla Mouse's (don't ask) turn to sit at the table for a meal.

And I think he found out if you give a mouse a cookie or a waffle, he/she will want a full meal.

"Hmm.... I wonder what will happen if I give a Mama a waffle....." She will take my picture!

It's also nice to know that Gavin is teaching Priscilla mouse how to use his/her manners.

There's another book by Ms. Numeroff called, "If You Give a Pig a Pancake...." Gavin tried that one too the other day when he fed his grandparents' dog half of his breakfast waffle. I won't ruin the ending of what happens in Ms. Numeroff's book, but in the Gavin version, if you give a dog a waffle, she will smile and beg for more.

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