Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laboring Day

Our photography downloading capacity had been severely hampered, but things seem to be back up and running now with the exception that my camera card ate some of my pictures. To say that this Labor Day weekend was a much needed reprieve from laboring is an understatement. Sunday was the first day in about three or four weeks that D was home with us for a full day. My right hand man who I count on for so much has been working looonnggg hours. Since he had to be back to work on Monday (yep- a national holiday), we took Sunday to soak in all of our time together.

Because of the Mother's Day finger painting debacle of 2009, we haven't made, I mean given, Gavin the chance to finger paint until this weekend. Remember this picture?

Well, it pretty much scared us from attempts for more than a year. He's had plenty of other art experiences though. However, we decided it was time to role up the sleeves and try it again. This time, to our delight, he thoroughly enjoyed finger painting and we never once had to tell him not to put his fingers in his mouth.

After enjoying painting in the outdoors (baking in the sun), it was time to hit the pool. We most certainly cooled off in the low 80 degree water temps. Gavin didn't seem to mind and was his usually little fishy self.

Nothing like a cool treat poolside, but suddenly our two year old looks thirty. Don't worry- it's a fudge pop, not dirt this time.
The other exciting news of this weekend is that Gavin has upgraded from a high chair to a booster seat. He literally danced around when I was setting it up. I think he feels so big. He's decided, on his own, that it's his duty to make sure each one of us has a napkin at dinner.

Here's to a short work week!

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